Our Mission

The Holloway Zaiser Group partners with clients to successfully create and navigate change.

Services Provided

Holloway Zaiser provides a range of services for individuals, teams, and organizations wishing to adapt to changing circumstances, improve their performance, and address conflicts.

Services for organizations include:

  • Assessment of Workplace Dynamics
  • Facilitation (including planning and decision-making)
  • Intervention (including coaching, mediation and workplace climate interventions)
  • Education (for leaders, teams and individuals)

Services for teams include:

  • Assessment for high performance
  • Interventions (team-building activities/strategies, mediation, development of team charter)
  • Facilitation (resolving issues, building strategic leadership)
  • Education (creating a high-performing team)

Our approach is always collaborative. We don’t claim to be experts in all fields. We partner with clients, contributing our expertise in change management and conflict resolution, and relying on our clients’ knowledge and experience in their particular field.

Our assessment process typically includes interviews, facilitated group work sessions, documentation, presentation, and testing, with the goal of creating a final product that:

  • contains no surprises
  • shows the influence of many stakeholders
  • has the full commitment of the organization as a whole