Increasing your ability to address personal and professional issues is a powerful set of skills for people of all ages to learn. Coaching can assist you in developing the capacity to address issues, confront a colleague or boss, resolve a conflict and deal with difficult conversations, difficult situations or difficult people in your personal and professional life.


Dale Zaiser offers professional counselling sessions for individual Holloway Zaiser Group clients. Dale is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who draws on more than 30 years of experience in psychology and working with organizations and their leaders, teams and individuals. Basing his interventions on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, Dale provides confidential counselling sessions to clients who see internal issues as a roadblock to their success. Potential clients are encouraged to call Dale to determine if his counselling services will meet their personal needs.


Mediation is a process that serves the interests of parties in conflict by creating opportunities for them to resolve their concerns collaboratively. Mediation encourages participants to assess the impact of their past behaviours and seek solutions that promote mutual benefit.

The Holloway Zaiser Group uses both the “facilitative” and “transformative” approaches to mediation. A facilitative mediation process is focused on resolving the immediate problem rather than fostering a long-term shift in attitude or thinking. A transformative approach encourages participants to adopt new perspectives, and can result in improved relationships and long-term attitudinal shifts.


If you are currently experiencing challenges at work or in your personal life, a coach can help you refocus your priorities and provide support as you work through the blocks that keep you from achieving your goals. Coaching can also help smooth the transition for those entering new positions or taking on new responsibilities. We offer a variety of personal and professional coaching services for individuals.


In addition to our customized courses for organizations, Holloway Zaiser offers workshops open to the general public, on such topics as Interpersonal Conflict Management. Learn about our upcoming offerings on the Workshops page.


We use the EISA (Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment), LDI, Myers Briggs, Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory, and more.