Coaching can help you address specific challenges in your personal and professional life.

Reasons to seek out a coach:

  • You are ready bring about change in your life.
  • You want to focus more on your goals.
  • You want to be re-energized about your job or your life.
  • You need an unbiased listener you can be frank with about problems in your workplace.
  • You are in a new role and want to accelerate your adjustment.
  • You have hit blocks to your success and want to examine and overcome them.
  • Your team is not succeeding to the degree you would like.

The following are coaching services we offer:

Personal Coaching

Do you have a big decision to make? Are you looking to change careers, vying for a promotion or raise, going back to school, or struggling to stay focused amid distractions? A coach can act as a personal partner, providing direct feedback that will strengthen your relationships, and support your ideas and plans as you face challenges.

Executive Coaching

A Holloway Zaiser coach is an unbiased, confidential sounding board for executives seeking an outside perspective on their choices and challenges. An executive coach can provide specific feedback and discuss issues openly without being personally invested in the outcome. This one-on-one coaching can take place in person or on the phone, and can be arranged flexibly around your busy schedule.

Leadership Coaching

We work with you to increase your individual effectiveness and improve interactions with the individuals and teams you lead. Common areas of focus for leadership coaching include addressing core competencies and developing effective strategies for success. We will equip you with the tools you need to get results from others while building commitment and driving employee engagement.

Business Coaching

Our coaches all have experience in building a business, and can help entrepreneurs assess the current state of your company, develop a business strategy, and implement plans for success.

Team Coaching

We support teams, helping you to deliver improved results, accelerate change, create an effective responsive team culture, improve work habits and collaboration and raise the bar on team performance and team accountability. We work with the team to create an action plan and then help the team stay on track and accountable.

Performance Coaching

Technical proficiency is not enough to guarantee success in today’s workplace. As an example, strong communication skills and appropriate conflict management skills are a necessity. Coaching in these areas can make you more effective on the job and prepare you for a promotion.

Shadow Coaching

Shadow coaching involves a coach spending time with you throughout the work day, observing your day-to-day interactions and time management. Your coach provides clear and specific outside feedback, and examines along with you how your choices and interactions affect your performance.