Leadership Development

The complexity and pace of change facing organizations today requires skilled and engaged leadership. Effective day-to-day leadership directly translates to organizational performance, employee engagement and retention, and a competitive advantage. At Holloway Zaiser, we provide a range of services to support leaders, including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Skill Development
  • Coaching

Our Leadership and Management Development Program is appropriate for executives, leaders, managers, and frontline supervisors who are interested in developing leadership skills that get results and shape culture. In order to develop a leadership education program, we help you gather feedback about your current leadership and management abilities, and collaborate on setting objectives for developing your leadership skills.

The program generally takes 6-9 months, and includes: application of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for leadership and the Strength Deployment Inventory; selected reading; journaling; leadership coaching; and skills seminars that include practice and feedback. We use a learning contract to help you focus on specific skills. After you complete your program, the contract will help you apply your learning in the workplace.

Our leadership development program covers the following topics:

  • Leading Change and Transition
    • Facilitating for results
    • Problem-solving
    • Leading others through change
    • Strategies for navigating change
  • Developing People and Teams
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Building a high-performance team
    • Measuring team success
    • Resolving conflict within a team
    • The respectful workplace: a leader’s role
  • Managing Performance
    • Clarifying performance expectations
    • Conducting performance reviews
    • Correcting performance problems
    • Providing constructive feedback
    • Dealing with difficult behaviour

Team Development

All teams benefit from taking time to consider and strengthen their working relationships. Team-building seminars should further individual development, positive communication, leadership skills, and the ability to solve problems collaboratively. We offer a range of team-building options, from simple bonding activities to complex exercises and planning sessions that include team assessment and goal setting.

Team Coaching

Productive teams are critical to all successful organizations. Our coaches can work with your team members collectively or individually to improve their effectiveness and working relationships.

Individual Skill Development

We pride ourselves on collaborating with clients to create training that will increase employees’ knowledge and performance. The following are examples of Seminars (lasting from one to five days) that we have designed and delivered:

Creating, leading, & managing change Designing & facilitating strategic planning Leadership management/supervisory skills Managing teams & building high performance team work
Dealing with difficult people Developing supervisory skills Conflict management Interpersonal communication
Negotiation Mediation Facilitation Skills/td>

Dealing with anger
Asserting yourself under pressure Running effective meetings Stress management Harassment
Coaching for leaders Systematic problem-solving & decision-making Effective presentation skills Goals & goal setting
Customer service Violence in the workplace Hostile individual Stress management
Time management Emotional intelligence