Focus/Direction and Strategy

We help our clients clarify shared purpose, vision, and values, and develop compelling SMART goals (goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound).

Clarifying Team Roles

This is an essential process for creating high-performance teamwork. Particularly when a group is experiencing a lot of change — adding or losing a member,  relocating, etc. — clarifying roles effectively is fundamental to helping that group move forward. As facilitators, our job is to help teams clarify expectations and decision-making processes, as well as fine-tune their handoffs and the flow of information.

New Team Development

The quality of relationships within a team is often the main reason for requesting assistance with team building. Relationships can get stymied, stressed, side-tracked, and stifled for all kinds of reasons.

At Holloway Zaiser, we can help a group build skills for managing conflicts and  question each other’s assumptions. Creative sessions are designed in collaboration with clients to enhance team performance by building stronger relationships among members. This can include developing a team charter, like an operating manual for the team.

Building Teamwork

Holloway Zaiser Group defines teamwork as “the ability to effectively, efficiently organize and coordinate action towards a common cause.” We help our clients learn the “how” of teamwork through experiential educational  activities in which a group solves a problem together, and then examines how they did it, what they could improve, and what they could build on.

Team Planning

After an initial consultation, HZG can help your team chart a path from where you are today to where you want to be.  We also custom-design a process to collect input from stakeholders and guide them toward a collaborative outcome.  This can include defining individual roles and responsibilities, establishing protocols for performance feedback and negotiation, allocating shared resources, and more.

Development of Core Values

Teams benefit from an understanding of their core purpose and their agreed-upon desired future. From this understanding, clarity of roles and responsibilities can flow.


Every team of people working together has its conflicts. Ignoring these conflicts, resorting to power plays, or rushing to the use of formal internal processes can all be costly and ineffective strategies. With our proven conflict management techniques and mediation services, Holloway Zaiser Group can help you arrive at long-lasting and positive resolutions.

Mediation is a process that serves the interests of parties in conflict by creating opportunities for them to resolve their concerns collaboratively. Mediation encourages participants to assess the impacts of their past behaviour, focus on the future, and seek solutions that promote mutual benefit rather than blame.

Establishing Team Climate

How people work together and how it feels to work within a given team is central to employees’ satisfaction and performance. Our consultants lead our unique process to explore how the members within the team treat each other, talk to each other, and pursue their collective goals. Then, a session to clarify values and behavioral guidelines unique to this team can be facilitated.

Conflict Management Skills

We work with your team to deal with challenging dynamics and establish ways to resolve conflicts.

Facilitation Skills

In order to effectively facilitate team decisions, it is often necessary to develop a new skill set.  This course offers skills, processes and insights into how to effectively involve a team in joint decision-making.